Monday, August 4, 2014

{Frozen} Necklace Tutorial

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Do you have a little one OBSESSED with the movie Frozen?

Oh good, I'm not alone!

For an upcoming Frozen Birthday bash, we needed some fun party favors. 

Here's a full tutorial on how to make them!

First up, gather your supplies!

Everything was purchased at my local Hobby Lobby and Michael's.  
The images for the bottle caps were purchased here.

First up, punch a hole in your bottle caps.

This tool made it very easy!

Add your jump ring. 
(they have a little slit in them where you can pull it apart)

Now, use your 1 inch paper punch to cut out your images.

Carefully peel off your Epoxy Stickers, and place on top of your cut out images.

Now, glue them to your bottle caps.

A small dab of glue will do.

Here's a shot of mine all glued on.

The picture of Olaf on the beach is one of my favorites!

Cut your ball chain (with regular old scissors), to the length you want.  
I did 24" chains.

Add your chain to your bottle cap, and you are DONE!

Monday, July 28, 2014

{Frozen} Necklace Tutorial!

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Head over to GingerSnap Crafts to see how I made these **awesome** bottle cap necklaces!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pink + Gold + Navy Nursery

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This little lady joined our family in May.  We are so happy to finally have her here!

Her nursery was so fun to put together.  I knew I wanted it to be pretty girly, and a little glam.  Here's how it turned out!

Love this rocking chair SO much.  Definitely the most comfortable rocker I've ever had!

The wallpaper wall behind the crib was QUITE the project.  I could have never done it without my mom!  She has serious wallpaper skills left over from the 80's!

Such a fun accent wall.

Close up of the gold.  It's pretty shimmery!

I went with navy, pink, and gold for the whole room.  really like how it came together!

The changing table/dresser is actually a dining room buffet.  Probably my favorite piece in the whole room.

The drapes were an adventure for sure!  I knew I wanted an acrylic rod, but finding the right hardware to hang it up was seriously really hard.

I do love the acrylic though!

To fill in the empty corner, I made a few tissue pons.  Love the gold paper I found.

And last, that awesome light fixture.  Love it!  Very girly, and very glam.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY {Lego} Table

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For little man's 5th birthday, he got a few Lego sets.  He was in love.  

We then inherited a rather....large collection of Legos from a neighbor.  

It took about 1 day of me stepping on teeny tiny pieces to decide I had to do something to organize it all!

Thus, the DIY Lego Table!

This table was super easy to make.  
Really, if I can build this, so can you!

Supplies Needed

How To

First step-assemble that table!

Next, decide how many buckets you want.  I decided on two, going horizontal.  

(I felt like going vertical took up too much table space)

I carefully measured out where on the table I wanted my buckets.  I used a straight-edged level to make sure my rectangles were perfect.

If you are doing this exact project, here are your measurements:

  • Each rectangle is 15.75" across, and 10.25 inch tall
  • I measured in 4" from the side of the table
  • I measured 2.25" from the top of the table. 

Here's an awesome diagram for you visual learners.

Next up, cut out those rectangles.

Use your spade drill bit (you can buy one at any hardware store) to make a hole, up near one of the corners.  This is how you will start your cut with the jigsaw.

Next, use your jigsaw to cut out the rectangles, following the lines you previously drew.  It's ok if they are not exact!

Here are my rectangles, pre-sanding, and painting.

Sand the edges when you are done.

Now, spray paint (if you want).  I wasn't a huge fan of the pine look.

I finished it off with a clear (non-yellowing) sealant.

Drop in the bins,  and fill with Legos!
(those bins hold A TON of Legos)

Here it is, getting some use.

To actually build stuff on, I ordered gray 15x15 baseplates from Amazon to glue to the table.  I needed three to fill the width of the table.

I used superglue to attach them.

Here they are, attached to the table.

All done!

Many creations have already been made....

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 25, 2014

{Boys} Superhero Room Tour

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I've been so bad about sharing finished projects lately!  This is another one that has been done for a LONG time!

Here's a before shot of my little man's room.....

Not much to look at!  Just furniture, and messy toys all over.  Typical of a boys room.

He has a really cool nook in his room, which wasn't being used at all.

As we talked about what he wanted, he told me that he really wanted a superhero room. 

The inspiration for the room originally started with these pillows:

I loved the vintage feel.  They were superhero-ish without being too character-ish.  Does that even make sense?

I was totally on board with giving him a "superhero room" but didn't want it to be cartoony.  So, we came up with this!

Here's the new room!

(new, as in, it's been done for 6+ months!!)

I was able to utilize that nook much better by turning it into a reading and project area.  

He loves to sit there and "do stuff".

I jumbo clips above the table are the best.  They can display quite a few of his endless projects!

Love this white cabinet and world map above it.  Little man is fascinated with maps currently.

This map is actually vinyl, made up of a million little dots.  It's pretty cool, but was definitely a two person job to put up.

Here's how this side of the room flows together.

Other side of the room:

Probably his very favorite thing in the room is the light up arrow above his bed.

He uses it as his night light.

To keep with the non-cartoony theme, we found these awesome prints!

Little man picked them out, and I must say they are pretty fun.

We have all the important heroes.....Thor & Captain America

Little Man's personal favorite, Iron Man.

And the Hulk.

What really makes this space distinct is the sputnik light fixture.  
Can you believe I found it at Lowes?  And for a super decent price too! 

I've shopped around for a fixture like this for a while, but most of the ones I found were super pricey. Not this one!  It even came with all the vintage bulbs-which are the expensive part to buy!

It was so fun putting this room together.  Little man loves having his own boy space, away from all his sisters!

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