Friday, September 16, 2011

{Fall} Mantle

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I'm back!  The last few weeks have been a much needed break for this momma.

Little Miss E is growing big, and smiling lots!

I updated my mantle last week, in the hopes of luring fall to Texas.  

(If you haven't heard, we've had 70 days of 100+ degrees here in Dallas this summer.  Yikes!)

Fall Mantle:

Loving this little green bucket I found.  It goes great with my autumn colors!

Close up of both sides of the mantle:

I got most of my foliage at Hobby Lobby.  They had lots of fun autumn stuff that didn't look too plastic-y.

Happy Fall!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE your mantel. That picture of Christ is awesome, and so is the Follow sign. Love it!

  2. Purty stuff! I finally gave in and decorated for fall here in Austin, too. Think that will help lure it to Texas? (:

  3. Everything looks beautiful! I especially like the small pumpkins on the candle holders.

  4. I love your mantle. I love how the colors accent the picture of Christ. What a great feel to the room!

  5. love it bringing fall and the holiday to life :) come see me at

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