Sunday, September 26, 2010

Giveaway Winner and DISCOUNT code!

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I'm happy to announce the 2 winners of the Say it on the Wall giveaway!

Winner #1 is..........


(this is not the 16th comment, because a few of you didn't leave separate comments for each entry.  I was trying to still be fair and count each entry.  This winner is the 16th entry.  Does that make sense??)

Winner #2 is................

The Hunter Family!

Please contact me ASAP to claim your gift certificate!

For those that didn't win, you can still get THESE labels for 40% off!

That means you will only pay $1.50 per label. 
That is a STEAL y'all!

Just enter   THISTHAT40   at checkout for your discount!!

Head over to Say it on the Wall and get your 40% off kitchen labels!


  1. My e-mail is, Just let me know what info you need :) Thanks!!!

  2. Trying to order the labels but the promo code isn't working. Any ideas?

  3. The code should be working again! I talked to Say it on the Wall, and it's been fixed!

  4. Just wondering how long the code is good for...thanks!

  5. The code is good until next Sunday (so, for one week). Enjoy!

  6. Looove this make-over. Great job! Thanks for sharing. I bought my Walmart jars today and am excited to get started! Just wondering..did you buy the massive ones or the smaller ones? Wish they had a size in-between!

  7. Steph,
    I bought the smaller ones. They are still pretty big though! I thought the massive ones were just too big. Unless you think you could go through that much flour and sugar in a reasonable amount of time! Good luck with the project!!



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