Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pacifier Corsage

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I have a quick and easy craft to share with you today!

I recently helped host a baby shower, and wanted the mom-to-be to have a cute corsage to wear!

Supplies Needed:

Gerber Daisy flower (in multiple colors if you are doing a multi-toned corsage)
Glue Gun
Safety Pin
Ribbon (Optional)

Step 1

Take apart your flower by removing the middle and seperating the petals.

Step 2

If making a multi-toned flower, repeat step 1 for the other color(s)


"Stack" the petals starting with the largest, alternating colors and using hot glue in between each petal.

Step 4

Hot glue the safety pin to the back of the corsage.

Step 5

Hot glue the pacifier to the front (you could use double sided tape if you want the pacifier to be re-usable).

Step 6

Add a little ribbon if you like!

Simple, easy, and cute!


  1. Hi Sarah, I was here yesterday and was getting ready to leave you a comment when your muriatic acid thing flashed before my eyes, then I was off to find it, and got lost in blog land, and many of your other posts trying to find it again, lol. Your blog REALLY is great, so much fun stuff. Im so happy you found me too, and while my place is nothing compared to your vast archives, one day it will be more to look at too, he he. So MANY THANKS for remembering my little party, and linking this CUTE AS CAN BE pacifier. I have a baby shower Im attending soon, and this is perfect, like I just should make one, or more to share. Thanks again, for your wonderful ideas, and totally CAN"T wait to see what else you got. Thanks girl!!! Oh and I know you've seen my new party **6 weeks 2 Spook** but just reminding you about it, so if you have any halloween stuff, make sure to add it there. Bella :)

  2. This is TOO ADORABLE for words!!

  3. I have been looking for a corsage idea for weeks! Didn't want the standard sock-rose corsage. This is very cute. Can't wait to make it for the shower next week.

  4. that is absolutely adorable! what a great idea!

  5. How fun is that?! I wished that my little bug would have taken a binky. She would have none of it! When she didn't cry, though, I gave up. But I think binky babies are so cute! And a floral binky baby would be even cuter!
    Thanks for linking up to my Making It With Allie Party!
    Hope to see you next week too!

  6. That's adorable, and what a treasured keepsake for the mommy to be.

  7. So very, very cute. I'm going to have to remember that for the next baby shower I attend!

  8. What a cute idea! This is too adorable. Came over from Tidy Mom.


  9. Cute. I nearly forgot the corsage for a shower tomorrow and now I can whip this up right away!! THanks!

  10. nearly forgot a corsage for a shower I'm cohosting tomorrow. I can whip this up right away! Thanks!!!!!


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