Monday, July 19, 2010

Chandelier Makeover!

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I'm excited to share my latest DIY project with you!

I've seen some cool chandelier rescues out in blog land, and have been wanting to try it myself!

Last week I took my frist trip to a thrift store in almost 4 months *gasp!* and found THIS beauty:

Isn't it GREAT?!  I was SO excited!  I probably looked like a crazy lady hauling this huge light fixture through the store, and towing two little ones with me.  This chandelier is pretty big; 10 lights.

The steps I took to a girlie chandelier:

  • Do a "Pre Install" to make sure the fixture works!  You don't want to spend time fixing it up if it doesn't work! Light fixtures bought at a thrift store are always a gamble!

  • After you make sure it will work......Remove the white covers

  • Tape over where the electrical stuff is:

  • Prime your chandelier (I chose Krylon primer.  Any primer will do)

  • Spray paint it.  I went with Krylon's Ivory

  • I then painted the white light covers (Krylon Ballet Slipper)
  •  Make a cord cover to hide the top of the cord

  • Reassemble the chandelier with the white covers, and cloth cord cover
  •  I'm LOVING the contrast between the ivory chandelier, and the girlie pink light covers!

  • I also loooove the feminine details of this many swirlies
  •  Here it is, hanging up in Miss J's room

  • I liked it, but thought it was still missing something.....Crystals!  This thing needed some bling :)
  •  Miss J really likes her "fancy lights" as she calls them.

Just another BEFORE

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{Coat Hanger} Fairy Wings

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I'm BACK!  After a long case of blogger's block, I finally came up with a project to share with you!

I was inspired by a dress up set my daughter got for her birthday.  There were fairy wings that came with the kit.  She LOVES them, and keeps asking me to "go buy her more wings".  She specified that she wanted purple.  

Of course I didn't go buy any; I came up with a way to make them!

Supplies Needed:

(2) Wire coat hangers
Wire cutters
(1) pair knee high pantyhose
Masking tape (any kind of strong tape is fine)
Glue Gun
Spray paint

Steps to make Fantastic Fairy Wings:

  • Bend coat hangers into "wing" shape

  •  Cut off the "hook" of the hanger.  Right where the wire starts to twist.

  •  Using masking tape, tape off the wire ends really well.  You don't want them to poke your little one!

  • Take your knee high pantyhose, and stretch one over one of the wings:

  •  Wrap the excess panty hose around the wire (the part you taped in the previous step) Secure the extra pantyhose with tape.  Should look like this:
  •  Repeat for the second wing.

  • Since Miss J wanted purple wings, I used my favorite purple spray paint.  Krylon's Gum Drop. SOOO cute!

  • Give your wings a few LIGHT coats of paint.  It won't take much.

  • Tape together the middle sections of your wings:

  • Cut out two sections of felt, and hot glue one to the back of your middle section.  Like so:
  •  Cut out 2 pieces of elastic.  Measure around your child's arm to determine length.  (I spray painted my elastic to match the wings)
  •  Hot glue the elastic to the felt in 4 places, like so:

  •  Take your second piece of felt, and glue it on top.
  •  Strap those wings on your princess, and you're ready to go!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blogger's Block

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I know you've heard of writer's block.  

Well,  I have blogger's block!  

I've been trying to come up with a fun new project to share with you.  No luck yet!  

Sorry for the lack of posts. Vacation, and the life of a SAHM have kept me busy!

Stay tuned for another fun project....SOON!