Friday, April 25, 2014

{Boys} Superhero Room Tour

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I've been so bad about sharing finished projects lately!  This is another one that has been done for a LONG time!

Here's a before shot of my little man's room.....

Not much to look at!  Just furniture, and messy toys all over.  Typical of a boys room.

He has a really cool nook in his room, which wasn't being used at all.

As we talked about what he wanted, he told me that he really wanted a superhero room. 

The inspiration for the room originally started with these pillows:

I loved the vintage feel.  They were superhero-ish without being too character-ish.  Does that even make sense?

I was totally on board with giving him a "superhero room" but didn't want it to be cartoony.  So, we came up with this!

Here's the new room!

(new, as in, it's been done for 6+ months!!)

I was able to utilize that nook much better by turning it into a reading and project area.  

He loves to sit there and "do stuff".

I jumbo clips above the table are the best.  They can display quite a few of his endless projects!

Love this white cabinet and world map above it.  Little man is fascinated with maps currently.

This map is actually vinyl, made up of a million little dots.  It's pretty cool, but was definitely a two person job to put up.

Here's how this side of the room flows together.

Other side of the room:

Probably his very favorite thing in the room is the light up arrow above his bed.

He uses it as his night light.

To keep with the non-cartoony theme, we found these awesome prints!

Little man picked them out, and I must say they are pretty fun.

We have all the important heroes.....Thor & Captain America

Little Man's personal favorite, Iron Man.

And the Hulk.

What really makes this space distinct is the sputnik light fixture.  
Can you believe I found it at Lowes?  And for a super decent price too! 

I've shopped around for a fixture like this for a while, but most of the ones I found were super pricey. Not this one!  It even came with all the vintage bulbs-which are the expensive part to buy!

It was so fun putting this room together.  Little man loves having his own boy space, away from all his sisters!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ninja Birthday Party!

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My little man is 5.  

It's such a cliche, but I can't believe how big he is!

To celebrate this big day, he wanted a Ninja Party!  After much pinterest searching, we came up with some pretty fun stuff.

Ninja Balloons.  

As soon as I showed him these, we had to make some.

Sneaky ninja balloons....


This was so easy to make-the birthday boy and his sisters actually did it!

Rice Krispy bars, swedish fish, and fruit roll ups.  Hardly healthy, but oh so cute!

They were a hit.  Not one left after the party!

We also had to have cake pops.  Little man's favorite.  

Presented "asian style".

I found these appetizer spoons, filled them with red sprinkles to give a little contrast, and there ya go. Fancy!

Another great pinterest idea was dipped fortune cookies. 

 Super easy to make.

There was lots of other food too, but this was the "ninja style" food.


(I use the same water proof bottle labels for all my parties-printable at home!  Get them here)

And of course, there was cake!

I would love to take credit for this, but I found someone local to make this!  

The birthday boy thought it was SO. COOL.


We had some pretty fun games too!

The Laser Course was a hit. 

 The kiddos went through it over and over and over.

Laser Course

Every ninja can chop wood, right?  A few boards of balsa wood from Hobby Lobby made this super fun!

Wood Chopping

Party Favors

Our guests had fun take out boxes filled with ninja goodies to take home.

The Dollar Tree is the best place to find awesome favors!

And can I just point out those AMAZING sugar cookies?  They are seriously so tasty, and so cool looking!

Each box had one it in.  They taste even better than they look!

Love the ninja stars.

Such a fun party.  The birthday boy loved every minute of it!