Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bow Keeper {with hooks}

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Little Miss E should be here in about 9 weeks.  I am so excited!

She already has an insane amount of bows and headbands.  Some inherited from Miss J, and some given to me by a friend who also bought her daughter lots of bows when she was tiny!

I wanted a cute bow keeper/holder thing, so I started with what I already had.

I had several bow holders for Miss J, so I just recovered one!  It was a canvas covered in batting and fabric.

I started with these fabrics....

Since this will be hanging up in her closet, I thought I would go with a non purple color scheme.  Change it up a little!

I cut my fabric a little larger than my current bow keeper, and used my glue gun to attach the fabric.  

I just glued right over the old fabric.

I made sure to pull the fabric tight as I went around the frame.

On the front of the bow keeper, I just left the raw edge showing.  I covered it up with my black polka dot fabric.

Then, I added the black polka dot fabric, again using my glue gun.

I love it!

Next, I added thin black ribbon, again using my glue gun.  I evenly space the ribbons going horizontal and vertical.  

Here's what my ribbons looked like on the back....nothing fancy, but no one will ever see it!

Here's the bow keeper with all the ribbon on it:

To jazz up the top a little, I layered a thick black ribbon with a hot pink one:

I mentioned that Miss E has quite a few headbands....I wanted to use this bow keeper for those too!  I looked around Lowe's for some hooks, and found some that worked perfectly!

They are called "Ook Hooks".  Fun name, right?

They are technically to be used to hang up stuff on masonry (like brick, etc), but work great for my little project.

They have little hooks in them that you hammer into whatever surface you want:

They only come in white, so I whipped out my black spray paint (for plastic).

Gave them a few good coats...

Since my bow keeper is a canvas covered in batting and fabric, that means it has a wood frame.

I lined up my hooks on the bottom of my bow keeper (on top of the wood frame) and hammered them in!

(I was worried that hammering would chip the spray paint, but it didn't)

After all 5 hooks were hammered in, it was looking good!

The finished product:

Covered in bows and headbands!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stencil your own Window Treatments

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If you read my post here, you'll know that I recently tried to make my own stencil....yeah, it didn't turn out so good :(

My lovely sponsor, Cutting Edge Stencils, generously offered to let me try out any stencil from their site.  

I chose the Parsley Blooms.
I wanted something not geometrical, and not too floral....

I loved that it came in two sizes.  The biggest stencil was 20" across, and the smaller one was 15" across.  

Perfect for drapes!

I started out with some plain white drapes from IKEA.  They were only $20 for two 98" panels

Do you know how expensive window treatments are?  
This was a steal worth driving an hour for!

I used my stencils, some plain old acrylic paint, and stencil brushes.

Steps to stenciling your own Window Treatments!

1.  Carefully tape your window treatment to a large open area so you can stencil the whole thing all at once.
(don't mind the wrinkly-ness.  I ironed it a little before stenciling....)

2.  Decide how you want to position your stencil. 
I used a little blue painters tape to hold my stencil in place.

3.  Using a roller brush (loaded with paint but not dripping), roll right over that stencil!

Carefully peel back your stencil to see your fantastic result!

I was worried at this point-I was CONVINCED that the paint was going to bleed underneath the stencil.  I was so happy that it didn't!

4.  Repeat a million times, until you cover your window treatment with as much design as you want.
FYI-Even after repeated use on two panels, I never had trouble with paint bleeding underneath the stencil.

5.  Go back over your treatment with the stencil in another color, if you like.
I wanted a two tone look, so I went with a lighter shade of purple for my second stencil.

I let the stencils overlap in a few areas; I liked the way it looked.

Don't you love how crisp the design is?  These stencils really are great!

My one word of caution: put something under your window treatment while you stencil it....the paint went right through my drapes, and on to my tile floor!

My hubby came home and was like "why is our floor painted purple??!"  All it took was a little elbow grease and water to get it up!

Now, would you like to see the finished product?

Close up of the design:

I think they turned out lovely!

They are bright, and a little on the modern side.  It goes well with the rest of the nursery!

Monday, May 16, 2011

{How To} NOT make your own stencil

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This post is going to start with a big fat FAIL.  I don't usually share all my craft failures, because really, who wants to read about it?

I *attempted* to make my own stencil....I thought I would be all thrifty and just do it myself.

I've been wanting to stencil my own drapes in Miss E's nursery, so I thought I could just make the perfect stencil.

I started with some stencil blanks from Hobby Lobby.  
Cheap, and there are 3 in a pack.

I printed off my design, laid it carefully underneath a stencil blank-

 and started tracing.

Then, I got out my exacto knife and started cutting.....and cutting....

A close up of how UGLY  this was looking!

I was frustrated, but decided not to give up.  I printed off the free quatrefoil design Jen offers, and made another stencil.

This one turned out MUCH better, but after spending an hour cutting it out, I realized the design was SO small that it would take me FOREVER and a day to stencil my curtains. 

I ended the day in craft defeat-almost!

I then emailed my sponsor Cutting Edge Stencils.  I told them about my disaster, and they offered to send me any stencil off their site for free!

Want to see how it all turned out?  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our {new} Home Office: A Tour

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Do you have a room in your house that bugs you?  Well, mine was our home office.  It never looked the way I wanted it to!

I had a lot of autumn-ish colors going on.  I was sick of perpetual fall in our office.  

I wanted light and airy-more of a gray/yellow/white combo.  These fabrics were my inspiration:

Don't you looooove them?  I do! 

I started with paint.  Ahhhhh yes.  The easiest way to transform a room.   I decided to go with gray. 

If you've ever tried to choose the perfect gray, you feel my pain!

After several samples of paint on our wall, we finally chose the perfect gray.....or so I thought!

 I went with Valspar's Polar Star.

I painted mostly at night, when the kiddos were asleep...and I'm 7 months pregnant.  Imagine my surprise the next day when I wake up to discover that my perfect gray was gray-BLUE!  I almost started crying!
There was NO way I was going to re-paint the whole room, so I decided to live with it.  And you know what?  I love it now! 

I found the perfect rug that is gray-blue to accent the room. 
Here it is:

Modern, and not floral.  Those were my requirements.

 The area above our desk was looking a little bare after painting....

So I jazzed it up with black frames, my favorite B&W prints of our family, and some vinyl.

Much better, right?
I did the vinyl myself on my Cricut. 
It's the biggest project I've ever done with vinyl.  
The monogram measures about 36 inches across.

Next, I found some fun frames to add to the desk.

One of my fave pics of me and the hubster.

 I found this frame at Home Goods. 
I love the swirls...it's a good contrast to the stark black/white/gray in the room.

I found this little vase at IKEA, and thought it added a nice pop of yellow.

Found this lamp at Home Goods also.  We've had it for a few years, but I still really like it.

Here's the desk side of the room:

Opposite of the desk is the bookcase wall:

I love my little nook in between the bookcases-

The vases are all from IKEA.

The mirror is my FAVORITE part of the room.  I love it!!!
(from Home Goods)

I used some of my inspiration fabric to frame a quote:

We have really lovely bay windows in our office, and they let in tons of natural light.

Close up of vinyl above windows:

I realllllly wanted to do window treatments on these windows in a fun yellow/gray fabric, but the hubby says no.  He likes the uncluttered, minimalist look we have going on.  I must admit, it's growing on me.  So for now, bare windows :)

I think that's about it! Hope you enjoyed our home office tour!

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