Monday, January 31, 2011

{Mixer} Subway Art TUTORIAL

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1/25/2012 The link to the .svg file is now working!!

If you missed my last post, I gave you readers a little peak at my mixer makeover!
It went from this:

To this:

Ready for the full How-To?

Supplies Needed:

Vinyl (12x12 sheet is pleeeenty)
Cricut Machine
Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) software
Transfer paper
FREE subway art file (can download below!)

Step 1:

Wipe down that mixer!  Get any grime off.

Step 2:

Download FREE subway art file

jpeg file here
.svg file HERE

Step 3:
Open your SCAL (sure cuts a lot) program, and size your image to fit your mixer.  I chose to do an 8.5 in x 8.5 in square.  This should fit most kitchen aid mixers.

Step 4:

Cut out your vinyl using your SCAL & Cricut

Step 5:
  Time to "weed" your vinyl.  This simply means that you remove all the excess vinyl, leaving ONLY the letters.  Like so:

Step 6:
  Now you need to "weed" out the vinyl inside your letters.  For example, the p's, o's, a's, e's, etc. Like this:

Should look like this when you are done:

Step 7:

One you have thoroughly weeded your vinyl, it's time to put transfer tape on top of it.  
Cut a square of transfer tape the same size as your vinyl sheet. (approx 8.5x8.5 if you use my measurements)

Place your transfer tape on your vinyl like this:

Step 8:

 Using a craft stick (or ruler) rub across your letters.  The goal is for your letters to stick to the transfer tape.

Step 9:
  Carefully peel your transfer tape away from the backing, like this:

Step 10:
  Line up your paper on your mixer, and then starting at the bottom, press onto your mixer.  Make sure it's EVEN!  You can't really undo this step if you mess up :)

Step 11:
  Again rub those letters!  this time you want them to stick to the mixer!

Step 12: 

Carefully peel off your transfer tape.  All letters should now be on your new FAB mixer!

Here's my mixer BEFORE:

Here it is AFTER:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

{Kitchen Aid Mixer} Subway Art

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I love my Kitchen Aid mixer.  I use it ALL.THE.TIME.

My parents handed this one down to us (thanks mom and dad!), so it's probably at least 15 years old.  It still runs strong and just might last forever.

The vast amount of subway art I've been seeing around blogland lately has totally inspired me; then I saw the mixer vinyl over at Wonderfully Wordy.

Being a true DIY-er, I decided to create some subway art myself.  Using Photoshop, a few awesome fonts (found here), and my trusty Cricut, here is my subway art:

(part of it is upside down b/c it wraps around the top of the mixer....)

(Available for FREE download below!)

Here is my mixer BEFORE I gave it a makeover:

Here it is AFTER:

I'm in LOVE!!!

I will have a FULL tutorial soon for all of you that want to do THIS to YOUR mixer!

Get your subway art for FREE.  Am I nice or WHAT?!

For the .jpeg file, click here
For the .svg file (to cut out w/your Cricut), click here

(Please remember that this is my own work; for personal use only.  Please do not copy, reproduce or sell this for profit.  Thanks!)

Linkin up to these fine parties!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chunky Bling Giveaway WINNER!

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Thank you to all those who entered the Chunky Bling Giveaway!

Just a visual reminder of their fun jewelry!

Without further ado, the WINNNER is:


Congrats Elise!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY {Chic} Tiered Stand

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I never know what is going to inspire my next DIY project. 

I was strolling through Target this week (best store ever!), and saw the cutest tiered stands. 

 It got me thinking.....could I make one myself??

So, I picked up these two adorable plates:

Aren't  they SO cute?!

I'll give you a Sneak Peak at the finished product:

Supplies for a {Chic} Tiered Stand

Melamine plates (one large, one small)
Threaded Rod (found at Lowe's on hardware aisle)
4 Nuts (that fit your threaded rod)

Bic Pens
Measuring tape
Spray paint
"Topper" for your stand (I just used ribbon)

Step 1

Disassemble your bic pens, like so:

Step 2

Spray paint the body of your pen (the WHITE part) a color that will coordinate with your plates.

I choose Ballet Slipper, a very girlie pink, since I am making a Valentine's Day tiered tray.

(Just in case you were wondering, you will be using the "pens" to cover up the threaded rod)

Step 3

Measure your plates to find the EXACT center.  Mark with a pen.

Step 4

Place your plate on a wooden block (or surface you don't mind drilling in to), and drill a hole in your plate at the spot you marked.

TIP: Push down gently, and BE PATIENT as you drill your hole.  If you apply TOO MUCH pressure, your plate will crack
If you are unsure about how much pressure to use, try drilling on a "practice plate".

Your plates should now have nice holes like this:

Step 5

Take your threaded rod, and push it gently into your bottom plate.

On the bottom of your large plate, put on a nut, and make it level with the bottom of your plate.  Like this:

Step 6

Slide on one of your spray painted "pens", and top with another nut.

Step 7

Gently slide on your smaller plate, and top that with a nut, and then a spray painted "pen".

Step 8

Top your spray painted "pen" with another nut.

(optional step: if you feel the top of your rod is too large to cover up, you can cut of a little with a hack saw-if you don't have one, they cost about $4 at Lowe's.)

Step 9

Time to cover up the top of your tiered stand!  I used some matching ribbon, and called it good!

Step 10

Pile high with goodies, and enjoy!

Total Cost:

Melamine Plates: $3.50
Threaded Rod: $.97
Nuts: $1
Bic Pens: free; already had some!
Spray paint: free; leftover from other projects
Ribbon: free; leftover from other projects