Thursday, January 26, 2012

{XO} Valentine's Day Wreath

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I have the best project to share with you!  

In honor of V-day (which will be here soon!), I wanted to spruce up my front door.  

I was inspired by this wreath on Pinterest.  I loved it, but I did not love the $75 price tag! 

Here is my version:

Oh, and mine only cost $14 to make.  Sweet!

Supplies Needed

Glue Gun
Wreath (any size)
Vine Garland
Red Berry Stem (I used two)
Flowering pink stem (I used two)
Pipe Cleaners/Floral Wire

To make the "O"

I started out by cutting all the pink "flowers" off the stem, like so:

This leaves you with lots of little pink bushes

Add glue to the back, and press firmly onto your circular wreath.

Repeat this until you have completely covered your wreath.

Looking Good!!

To make the "X"

Start by uncoiling your vine garland.

Decide how long you want each side of the X.  
I cut mine to 24".

The garland kept wanting to curve, so I twisted and bent it a little until it laid flat.

Hold your two pieces together, and wire them together.  I couldn't find my floral wire, so I just used a pipe cleaner.

Cut your red berries in bunches from the stem, and then use your glue gun to attach them to the "X".

Press them firmly to the X.

After your X and O are finished, you need to wire them together.  I still couldn't find my floral wire, so I pulled the wire out of some wire-edged ribbon I had laying around.

This is a "figure it out" step.  Line up the X until it sits on the O the way you like it.  Then use your wire to attach it.

It should look like this when you are done wiring them together:

Hot glue on some white ribbon, and hang up your adorable new wreath!

Close up of the berries and flowers:

Happy V-Day!