Friday, December 13, 2013

{Quick & Easy} Wooden Nativity

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Well, it's been another month since I blogged!  I've been working on so many projects, I haven't had time to share them all.

I had to make time to post about this one, though!

A good friend on Facebook originally posted this idea, and I knew I had to figure out how to do it myself!

Supplies Needed

2 in X 2 in X 8 ft Furring Strips (as seen here)
Nativity Scene Stickers (purchased here)
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush

If the supply list sounds simple, that's because it is!


(you will need 10-12 pieces per nativity, depending on how many stickers you want to use)

Start with your furring strips.

Cut them into 2.5" lengths.  I got about 30 pieces per 8 foot board.  If you don't have a miter saw at home, have the guys at Home Depot/Lowe's cut it for you.  If you go during an off peak time, they won't charge you.

After you have all your pieces cut, they will be a splintery mess.

Time to sand them down.  I have an awesome 3M sander that I use. 
(3M does not pay me to say that!) 

It totally saves my hands when sanding a bunch.

After sanding, a lot, your blocks should be nice and smooth, like this.

See how there are splits on some pieces?  I just made sure that was the back side in the next step.

Now for the fun part!  

Stickers and Mod Podge.

Get out your stickers, and decide which ones you will use.

Take a sticker, and put it on the wood.


Use some mod podge, and give your block a good coat, right on top of the sticker.  

I only mod podged the side of the block the sticker was on.

That's it.  For real.

Goes faster with a cute helper!

Here's what your table will look like after making 10 sets.  Each with 10 pieces.....

Now you have an easy, cheap, and SUPER cute gift to give to family and friends.

Close up of some pieces:

Happy Crafting!