Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quiet Book Part 1

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I have finally started working on a quiet book for Miss J. It has been on my to-do list for a loooong time. It is taking longer to finish than I planned, so I am going to post about it parts, until it is finished! I know that this will be so great to have for Dr. Office visits, car trips, and church. Here are some great resources for making quiet books, and to get ideas.

Crafty Chicc

Homemade by Jill

Naptime Journal

Quiet Time Template

Supplies Needed:
(My quiet book pages are 12x12, to give you an idea of how much stuff you'll need)
White Fabric (2 yards)
Fusible Interfacing (2.5 yards)
Felt in assorted colors
Sewing machine

First, prepare your pages. I cut out 10 squares of 12x12 fabric. I also cut out 10 squares of 12x12 fusible interfacing. Fuse the interfacing to your fabric with an iron. There are instructions included with the interfacing, and most will tell you to set your iron to 'cotton' setting. Follow the manufacturers instructions to tell you how long to press the iron to the interfacing (make sense??). The interfacing will make your pages sturdy, and will make it easier to sew on the felt pieces.

Mailbox Page:
Template can be found here
  1. Cut out felt pieces.
  2. Sew mailbox post on first
  3. Next Sew on grass
  4. Attach red flag to mailbox (I used a snap, you can use a button also)
  5. Sew on mailbox part itself, leaving the inside curve OPEN so the letter can fit in
  6. Sew on flap, only at the bottom, so it will open
  7. Sew felt 'stamp' on letter

Cupcake Page:

Template is here:
  1. Cut out background fabric. I chose shiny fabric to resemble a cookie sheet.
  2. Sew on background fabric to prepared page
  3. Cut out cupcake tops (2 of each color)
  4. Cut out cupcake bottoms (1 of each)
  5. Sew bottoms onto prepared
  6. Attach sequins to 1 set of the tops
  7. Attach velcro to backs of other set of cupcake tops
  8. Sew top pieces together (one has velcro on it, one has sequins)
  9. This will make your pieces sturdier
  10. Sew opposite side of velcro to prepared page, and attach cupcake tops

Gumball Machine Page
Template is above
  1. Cut out felt pieces
  2. I did not include a pattern for the gumballs themselves, it's just a circle (Cut out 2 of each circle)
  3. Sew on round part of gumball machine FIRST
  4. Sew on red bottom piece next
  5. Sew on black door
  6. Sew on gray money slot
  7. Sew on ONE of each color gumball
  8. Attach velcro (pokey side!) to the backs of remaining gumballs
  9. Attach gumballs to matching colors

Tree page:
I made my own template, but a good one can be found here

(To make your own template, just free hand draw it, and use that as a pattern to cut out; easier than it sounds. Just try it!)

  1. Cut out felt pieces
  2. Sew on grass first
  3. Sew on tree trunk next
  4. Sew on leaves (or just a big cutout of the top of a tree, like I did)
  5. Attach velcro (soft side) to tree where you want the apples to be
  6. Attach velcro (pokey side) to apples
  7. Attach to tree!


  1. very cute! i don't know you ... i'm your latest blog stalker! i can't remember how i found your blog, but i LOVE it!

    we did a church super saturday and made "book of mormon" quiet books - 20 pages of FUN for the kids. i'd love to share some pictures with you if you're interested!

    can't wait to see the other pictures of the pages you do.

    ~ jannet

  2. Jannet,
    That would be great to see pictures! I really wanted to do some more 'churchy' type pictures, so that would be perfect!

  3. sarah - if you will e-mail me, i will send you some of the pictures!! i'd love to share!

  4. Love these quiet books! So darling!


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