Sunday, February 14, 2010

Decorating with.....Salt

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Salt-everyone has it in their pantry! It is a very cheap ingredient to buy. Why not decorate with it? Using salt as a jar or vase filler is easy, and cheap! (and it looks so much better than those fake, glass marbles....)

There are different kinds of salt. They each have a different "look". Decide what kind you like, and then use it in your favorite jar or vase!

Table salt is very fine, and almost translucent. Sea Salt is very coarse, and chunky looking.

In this picture, sea salt is on the left, and table salt is on the right.

Epsom salt is very white, and flaky looking. It reminds me of snow. It is not as translucent as table salt.

In this vase, I used Epsom Salt; it has been a great filler for me!


  1. this is such a genius idea! it looks nice and sharp, and it's free!

    PS - I passed on the Happy 101 Award to you! hope you haven't done it before!

  2. Thanks Mandee! I haven't gotten the 101 Award before. That's great!

  3. oh My goodness, my eyes have been opened, thanks for the tip!

  4. Great tip! I've never seen salt used, but it looks great! I will feature this at!


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