Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to get FREE lumber for projects

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I was lucky enough to get a TON of free lumber last week.
It will keep me in projects for a loooong time. (oh the possibilities!)

Thought I would share my secret :D

1. Find a house under construction close by.

2. Wait until they are done framing the house.

3. Make sure you have a large vehicle to haul off all that lumber.

4. Write down the home builders phone number off the little
sign in front of the under-construction house.

5. CALL AND ASK if you can go through all the scrap wood laying around the property.

This is what I did, and the site manager was SUPER nice about letting me go dig through the wood. Her exact comment was "you would be surprised how many people never call and ask, and just come take what they want". She was even nice enough to load up some of the wood in her truck, and drive it to my house. I think she was really glad I asked first.

I found wood in every length and width imaginable. You will too if you can find a house being built around you!

I got so much lumber that it filled up the back of my full-size SUV. I mean, lumber is cheap, but who can pass up FREE?


  1. That is so cool! You must have made her day by asking first. Can't wait to see all your lumber projects. Have fun with all that lumber!

  2. I am sure she was very thoughtful of you! Can't wait to see your projects.

  3. Sarah, that is a great idea!! I will be on the hunt now! This is not only a great way to reuse stuff that's just going to prob get dumped anyway!

  4. Holy Cannoli, this is a good idea!

  5. What a perfect tip. So many people don't think of ways to freecycle, and then DO forget to ask. Fortunately, since I'm under construction, I have a nice pile to go through each day and then drag off to the workshop.

  6. Nothing beats free stuff! My goodness! That is so great you can even do that. Amazing! :) LOL!

  7. That particular pile has some big pieces of sheet metal in it. Great for your DIY magnet boards, no?

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