Monday, May 16, 2011

{How To} NOT make your own stencil

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This post is going to start with a big fat FAIL.  I don't usually share all my craft failures, because really, who wants to read about it?

I *attempted* to make my own stencil....I thought I would be all thrifty and just do it myself.

I've been wanting to stencil my own drapes in Miss E's nursery, so I thought I could just make the perfect stencil.

I started with some stencil blanks from Hobby Lobby.  
Cheap, and there are 3 in a pack.

I printed off my design, laid it carefully underneath a stencil blank-

 and started tracing.

Then, I got out my exacto knife and started cutting.....and cutting....

A close up of how UGLY  this was looking!

I was frustrated, but decided not to give up.  I printed off the free quatrefoil design Jen offers, and made another stencil.

This one turned out MUCH better, but after spending an hour cutting it out, I realized the design was SO small that it would take me FOREVER and a day to stencil my curtains. 

I ended the day in craft defeat-almost!

I then emailed my sponsor Cutting Edge Stencils.  I told them about my disaster, and they offered to send me any stencil off their site for free!

Want to see how it all turned out?  Stay tuned!


  1. this tutorial is great! :) haha love the title of this post as well haha

  2. Did you use an exacto knife or one of those exacto pens? The pens work much, much better for DIY stencils.


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