Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DIY Topiary

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Thank you for all your AWESOME comments about my PVC pipe curtain rods! I will be posting (hopefully tomorrow....) a Part Two with tips, tricks, and general help for making your own PVC Curtain Rods. I have had a ton of e-mails and great comments from readers that I will be including. Thanks for all your comments!

I saw a great tutorial for DIY topiaries a few weeks ago at Living with Lindsay. She had a great suggestion of looking for a topiary at a thrift store that just needed a makeover. Cheaper than buying all the supplies for a new one.

So, I kept my eyes peeled for a topiary that needed a makeover as I went thrifting. I found one! This little gem was so sad looking. Definitely in need of some love. And, for $2, that's my kind of price! Look at that hideous fake fruit. I guess that was in style at some point, right?

I started by pulling off all the fruit....it left a lovely "old glue" mess!

Yep, the grass had to go too. I started to wonder if this topiary was worth saving.....

Here it is. Looking a little....well, naked!

I then followed Lindsay's instructions, which are found here. Go check out this tutorial, it's great!

I spray painted the gold pot black (duh!).

I couldn't decide what to do about the grass. I'm not a huge fan of fake moss. So, I cut up some twine, and hot glued it into the pot.

I added a twine ribbon, and there you go.

Go find a topiary to rescue!


  1. Definitely worth saving! It looks fabulous.

  2. Love it, so cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing. First time visiting your blog and I will come back!!!

  3. Great idea! It turned out great!


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