Friday, February 26, 2010

Thrift Store FINDS

Pin It It's impossible to predict if you will find anything 'good' when you go thrifting. There is always lots of junk to sort through, and usually, very few things that you would actually want. Like I've said in earlier posts, go with a shopping list of things you would like to find, or potential projects you have in mind. This will help you as you dig in!

Today, at my local Goodwill, I found some great stuff for a good price!

Some plates, and candlestcks. I have a
project in mind for these, so stay tuned! The plates are real china, and were only .99 each. Not bad!
I thought the plates had interesting details.

I also found this cute melamine platter. I saw them at Target a few months back. It will be great for outdoor entertaining this summer. It was .79 cents. Also, a great deal.

I found this random metal Santa Clause sign for .99 cents. It's pretty big, and has a metal stake. It will look cute in my big flower pots outside next Christmas. AND, it still had the price tags attached. I love finding new, unused stuff for ridiculously cheap!

Remember how I said it's impossible to predict what you'll find? Well, I made an AWESOME find today. I was jittery I was so excited about it! Best of all, it was not something I was looking for, so that made it even more fun.

What is it you ask?

A brand new, still in the box, Monster Tent! (remember, my kiddos are 2.5 and 10 months....perfect for this!!!!!)

I was nervous....would all the pieces be there?? Surely this was too good to be true.....

Yep, it was as good as I thought. A never used monster tent. To say Miss J is thrilled out of her mind is an understatement. She is even talking about sleeping in it tonight. (great......)

What a find! I Googled the tent while at Goodwill (to make sure it was the killer deal I thought it was) and it retails for $35.99 at Target or $29.99 on Amazon. Awesomeness!

You never know what will be waiting for you at your local Thrift Store!


  1. I agree with you about the thrift stores being treasure boxes sometimes! Maggie HATES to go into thrift stores, but with her 'dress-up' addiction, we frequent them a lot. Last time, we found some new, black leather, stiletto knee high boots (great for her costume closet) which retailed at $80 for $7.50!!!

  2. Well you had a great day of thrift shopping! Congratulations! The tent is a fabulous find!

  3. AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE! You have good luck!!!!


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