Saturday, January 9, 2010

Old Wicker Basket turned Lovey holder

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My daughter, "Miss J", has a bazillion lovies. I mean, enough to start a lovey ZOO! I have been looking for a cute basket for a while to hold them all, but haven't found one big enough. I have looked everywhere; even online. I finally found one at Salvation Army. This basket was huge! Big enough for Miss J to sit in!

However, it was an ICKY honey color. So, I took a can of white spray paint to it (of course!), and after about 10 coats, it finally was what I wanted. The wicker seemed to absorb the paint! To make it cuter, I wrapped the handles in hot pink polka dot ribbon, and added a big ribbon all the way around the basket. This is the same ribbon I've used in other accents in her room.

The basket is now in her room, and ALMOST all the lovies fit. Wow, she has a lot!

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